Paws for alarm: Thai woman’s wrong turn ends in tragic mauling

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A dog tragically mauled a 74 year old Thai woman to death after she entered the wrong house in the Thawi Watthana district of Bangkok due to her Alzheimer’s condition.

The incident was reported to Saladaeng Police Station and Por Teck Tung Foundation by a homeowner around 8pm on March 31. Police investigated the scene and found Prapaipit lying in a pool of blood with a serious wound to her neck.

The homeowner recounted hearing her two year old Thai ridgeback dog named Perm barking outside and rushed to investigate. To her horror, she discovered Perm attacking Prapaipit and intervened to separate them. Unfortunately, Prapaipit succumbed to her injuries at the scene.

According to the police report, Prapaipit lived with her daughter-in-law and other family members at the house opposite the dog owner. She had Alzheimer’s disease, prompting her to enter the wrong house and get attacked by the dog.

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The dog owner revealed with ThaiRath that she typically kept Perm in a cage during the day to prevent any incidents and released it in the evening to guard the house.

Salasaeng Police Station officer Sorraphon Phokhao stated that police did not issue charges against any party because the woman unintentionally entered the neighbour’s house due to her medical condition, and there was no intent to trespass.

Prapaipit’s daughter-in-law viewed the incident as an unfortunate accident and opted not to pursue legal action against the dog owner.

The owner stepped forward to take responsibility for what had occurred and provided some financial support to help with Prapaipit’s funeral ceremony

Many similar dog attack reports have made the headlines throughout Thailand and most of the dogs involved in the incidents were pit bulls. In June last year, two pet pit bulls attacked and killed an old bedridden owner in the Hang Chat district of Lampang.

Another incident was reported in July of the same year when locals attempted to stop pit bulldogs from attacking people in Chon Buri province by tying up the dogs’ mouths and legs. Unfortunately, one pit bull died from this action.

In July of the same year, another incident was reported where locals in Chon Buri province tried to prevent pit bulldogs from attacking people by restraining the dogs’ mouths and legs. Regrettably, one of the pit bulls died as a result of this action.

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