Health Ministry warns against eating geckos for sexual benefits

The Department of Health of Thailand issued a warning against consuming live geckos in the belief that they can enhance sexual performance, stressing the lack of scientific evidence and potential health risks.

Health authorities have raised alarms over a dangerous trend among middle-aged men in Thailand, involving the consumption of live geckos as a supposed sexual enhancement remedy. A 59 year old man named Sommai recently captured public attention by eating a gecko live on social media, claiming regular consumption would bolster health, offer an alternative to erectile dysfunction and improve one’s sexual performance within three hours.

Atthapol Kaewsamrit, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, revealed that this online-shared information is not only baseless but also poses a significant health risk. There is no scientific research supporting the claim that geckos or similar creatures can enhance sexual prowess or treat diseases.

Internationally, similar cases have been reported where Thai men consume raw geckos as a sexual performance enhancer, believing uncooked consumption yields optimal results. In reality, eating geckos and similar reptiles could lead to infection from protozoa present in these animals. Geckos and tokay geckos feed on live insects and small animals, which could be harmful to human health, potentially causing diarrhoea, gastrointestinal infections, or severe abdominal pain, said Atthapol.

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“Particularly in the droppings of geckos, there may be contaminated fungi and salmonella, which can cause dysentery and adversely affect one’s health. Eating raw tokay geckos can be dangerous, as they have sharp teeth that can bite, and catching them also poses risks of encountering other venomous animals.

“Since these are not animals bred for consumption, they must be sourced from forests, gardens, or residential areas. Without proper butchering processes, the risk of disease-causing infections is increased.”

Deputy Director-General Atthapol went on to advise that currently, there is no research confirming the alleged health benefits of consuming geckos or tokay geckos. Young men aiming for robust sexual health should opt for nutritious foods rich in protein, vitamin E, and zinc like eggs, beans, pork, beef, and oysters, which can strengthen and nourish the reproductive system, reported KhaoSod.

Reducing alcohol intake, avoiding smoking, exercising regularly, and ensuring adequate rest can all contribute to good health and eliminate the need to resort to hazardous practices such as consuming geckos or tokay geckos, which carry the risk of disease.


ORIGINAL STORY: Thai man swaps Viagra for lizards to boost sexual performance (video)

Hold the Viagra, Thailand, one Thai man has found an alternative to erectile dysfunction and improving one’s sexual performance – by eating live lizards! The horny Thai man reckons the reptile can improve sexual performance three hours after consumption.

The family members of 59 year old Thai man Sommai, reported his shocking behaviour to the media. Sommai lives in the central province of Chantaburi but came to visit them in the eastern province of Trat while the press was present.

While they were gathering, Sommai shocked each member by grabbing a lizard from the wall and eating it alive. Sommai’s unconventional exotic food prompted reporters to interview him yesterday, March 21.

During the interview, Sommai revealed that his grandparents had been eating lizards since he was very young. They told him that the lizards could boost his sexual performance and he believed this to be true. He felt that his sexual stamina increased after eating them.

Sommai explained that the lizards were hygienic because they primarily ate small insects. He noted that those dwelling in natural habitats and rural areas outside the city centre were particularly clean. However, Sommai recommended cleaning them with water before consumption.

During the interview, Sommai demonstrated eating lizards on camera. He cleaned them with soda and consumed them while they were still alive.

The reporters asked several veterinarians about the consumption of lizards. According to the vets, eating lizards increases the chance of being exposed to protozoa, which is bad for the body’s system. Protozoa could affect the digestive system and cause diarrhoea and gastrointestinal infections.

Sommai added that this was his personal belief and he firmly believed in the benefits of consuming lizards. He reiterated that he had no desire for fame nor did he seek to perform unusual acts to gain a reputation.

Although eating lizards may seem extreme, Sommai is not the first person to favour the animal. A 74 year old Thai man previously made headlines in 2013 for consuming lizards. The man revealed that he had been eating the reptiles for 12 years and found that it helped him stay healthy.

Another Thai man in the northern province of Nakhon Panom sent shockwaves through the community in 2021 with his lizard export business. The man encouraged locals to catch lizards and sell them to him for 300 baht per kilogramme. He said he exported them to customers in China.

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