Pattaya police drug raid in Jomtien detains 24 suspects

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Pattaya police conducted a significant crackdown on the local drug trade, targeting Jomtien Soi 1 to 3. Pattaya City Police, led by Police Colonel Navin Teerawit, along with Banglamung District officials, launched a comprehensive operation to dismantle the underground drug network in the area.

The operation began at 3.06pm yesterday, June 14, when law enforcement, including Deputy Chiefs of Banglamung District, Woraphob Kongthanajarat and Phonchai Sang-iad, as well as senior police officers from Pattaya City Police Station, cordoned off Soi Jomtien 1 to 3. This closure allowed authorities to conduct a targeted raid against known drug hotspots, resulting in the detention of 24 individuals who tested positive for drug use.

The crackdown was in response to numerous reports and complaints from locals and tourists about rampant drug activity in the alleys of Jomtien Soi 1 to 3. Concerned citizens had raised alarms about the presence of drug users and dealers in the area.

An undercover operation conducted by the police investigative team, led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Prasitbun Bunprasit, had taken place on Thursday, June 13. The team successfully infiltrated the drug market, purchasing narcotics from a dealer in Soi Jomtien 3. This operation identified a suspect and led to the seizure of a substantial yet undisclosed amount of drug paraphernalia.

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Building on this momentum, law enforcement officials divided into three teams to shut down and inspect Soi Jomtien 1, 2, and 3 yesterday. During the operation, they discovered groups of homeless Thai nationals and foreigners residing in an abandoned building, using it as a shelter for drug consumption.

Officers conducted random checks on individuals exhibiting suspicious behaviour and performed on-the-spot drug tests. Out of over 50 people initially investigated, 24 tested positive for drug use, indicated by purple urine samples. These individuals were taken into custody for further examination before being transferred to Pattaya City Police Station for legal processing.

“The exact drug they were positive for, however, was not revealed.”

The operation also brought attention to the deplorable conditions within the abandoned building, which was described as dirty, unhygienic, and emitting foul odours. Authorities raised concerns about potential health hazards, finding discarded drug paraphernalia and noting structural damage, including numerous holes in the walls that could serve as hiding spots for illicit substances, reported Pattaya News.

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