Pattaya: Intoxicated man attacks female rescue volunteer

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An intoxicated Thai man in his fifties launched a violent assault on a rescue volunteer in Pattaya on Saturday night.

Rescue volunteers dashed to the scene on January 6 near a 7-Eleven convenience store close to the railway, responding to reports of a shooting. Little did they know, they were about to be entangled in a bizarre late-night brawl.

Upon reaching the location, the rescuers stumbled upon a drunk man with blood-soaked hair, initially believed to be a gunshot victim. However, a closer inspection discovered that the man had been savagely struck with a hard object.

As rescuers attempted to aid the injured man, the situation took a chaotic turn. The heavily intoxicated man suddenly turned into an aggressor, landing a punch on one of the volunteers. The ensuing commotion attracted the attention of onlookers, revealing a tangled web of disputes involving a Thai woman.

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The unidentified woman reported renting a room to the intoxicated man, whom she had assisted in finding employment. Trouble brewed when she declined his invitation for a drink, citing her responsibility to care for her elderly mother. The man, displeased with rejection, turned verbally and physically abusive, asserting an unwarranted claim over her, reported Pattaya News.

The woman defended herself by striking the intoxicated man on the head with a stick, demanding he leave. Despite her attempts to fend him off, he persisted, prompting concerned bystanders to call for assistance. Pattaya police promptly arrived on the scene, taking statements from all parties involved.

The woman clarified that her initial intent was to assist the man by providing shelter and support. However, faced with escalating aggression, she resorted to force to protect herself. As Pattaya police delve deeper into the incident, the true complexities of this late-night drama are yet to unfold.

In related news, a severe road accident took place on Sukhumvit Road, Sattahip district, Chon Buri that left a 52 year old Thai man in critical condition. The incident occurred yesterday, January 8, at a distance of about 100 metres from the Bang Saray intersection.

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