Russian biker sorry for nuisance caused to locals in Pattaya

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Pattaya locals were left sleepless and outraged as a Russian big biker revved his engine into the night at FlowerLand Pattaya.

The raucous disturbance prompted a visit from news reporters and a swift intervention by the police.

On January 3, around 11pm, the peace in FlowerLand’s vicinity was shattered, triggering a flood of complaints from agitated residents. The noisy escapades of a 32 year old Russian national named Wayim on his thunderous big bike, adorned with a Bangkok license plate, became the talk of the town.

News reporters, responding to the locals’ distress, rushed to the scene to uncover the truth. They witnessed Wayim careening around the FlowerLand’s parking lot, igniting a cacophony that echoed through the night air. Police were summoned, leading to the apprehension of the biker and his noisy steed, both hauled off to the Nong Prue Police Station for further scrutiny.

Among the disgruntled residents was 32 year old Sakawjai, who voiced her frustration at enduring four to five consecutive nights of disrupted sleep, each lasting a torturous two to three hours. The relentless roar of the big bike’s engine had become an unwelcome nocturnal symphony, compelling the residents to seek refuge in the arms of law enforcement.

As the investigation unfolded at Nong Prue Police Station, it was revealed that Wayim, though acknowledging his contribution to the nocturnal chaos, claimed innocence regarding the presence of residents nearby. Expressing remorse for the uproar he caused, Wayim extended a heartfelt apology to the beleaguered local community, reported Pattaya News.

In a stern warning, Nong Prue police cautioned the contrite tourist, making it clear that any recurrence of such disruptive behaviour would be met with swift legal consequences.

In related news, a 23 year old Russian tourist found himself in police custody when he was nabbed for causing public disturbance roaming naked on the streets of North Pattaya. The man, whose identity has been kept under wraps as he awaits psychological assessment, was apprehended on Soi Na Kluea 16.

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