Online prayer nets over 100,000 baht windfall and 200 Thai treats offered in thanks

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A fortunate individual’s online prayer for luck turned into a windfall of over 100,000 baht (US$ 2,700), leading to a generous offering of 100 sets of traditional Thai boat noodles and 100 sets of coconut milk desserts as a gesture of gratitude. The offerings were made at the revered hermitage of the hermit in Ayutthaya, which has recently gained popularity among tourists and spiritual seekers for its sacred statues and amulets.

The hermitage, located in the Pho Thong district of Ayutthaya province, has become a hotspot for those seeking divine blessings. Among its many revered objects are the 16-metre-tall statue of the god Vessuwan, the world’s largest statue of the sage Brahmesh, the affluent child spirit Kumarn Thong, the Lady of the Takhian Tree, the god Ganesha, and the ascetic monk Luang Por Mi Tham Jindamanee. These sacred objects attract many who believe in their power to grant fortunes and fulfil wishes.

Fifty two year old Siri (surname withheld) and her daughter are among those who have been blessed with good fortune. After requesting luck through their mobile phone and their wish is granted, they returned to the hermitage to fulfil their vow. They brought 100 sets of boat noodles and another 100 sets of coconut milk desserts to present to the child spirit, Kumarn Thong.

Siri shared that the decision to make the offerings came after witnessing a live session on the hermitage’s page on March 15, which inspired them to ask for a blessing that resulted in their substantial monetary gain.

The practice of seeking numbers for lottery luck is also prevalent at the hermitage. Devotees pay special attention to the Sala Boonchuay (Pavilion of Merit Aid), where they use their phones to capture images of candle wax droplets in the water basin, which are believed to form auspicious numbers following ritualistic ceremonies, reported KhaoSod.

Many participants who have seen their requests come true continue to engage in traditional rituals such as offering rice, lifting the elderly, bathing with holy water, and seeking to open their fortune. The numbers 2-6-4-7-8-5, seen floating together in the basin, are particularly sought after, with people taking various pictures of the water basin and using the numbers they see to try their luck in lotteries.

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