One-legged Thai dine-and-dasher ‘hops’ it, leaves 5,700 baht bill in central Thailand

Photo via Khao Ayutthaya.

A one-legged Thai man hopped out of a restaurant and a petrol station in the central province of Ayutthaya in a daring dine-and-dash manoeuvre, resulting in a 5,700 baht loss. A female staff member who accompanied the legless man was also abandoned in the midst of it all.

The restaurant’s manager, speaking to Channel 3, revealed that the 60 year old one-legged Thai man arrived in his sedan around 7pm on Tuesday, October 10. The man, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, relied on a forearm crutch, as one of his legs was missing.

As per the manager’s account, the one-legged Thai man dined solo at the restaurant, situated in Ayutthaya’s Bang Barn District, partaking in a substantial meal alongside beer until the establishment closed at midnight. When it came time to settle the bill, the staff presented a total of 5,200 baht. Regrettably, the man professed a lack of cash to make the payment.

In an effort to affirm his sincerity, the one-legged Thai man stated his intention to visit a nearby petrol station’s ATM. To ensure his integrity, he requested the company of one of the staff members.

When he arrived at the petrol station, instead of going to the ATM, the one-legged Thai man drove directly to the filling station and ordered 500 baht of fuel. Then, the man declared an engine malfunction and asked the restaurant staff worker to lend a hand by pushing his car.

The woman got out to push but the one-legged Thai man reignited his engine and zoomed away from the petrol station without paying again.

The petrol station attendant revealed to Channel 7 that the man arrived at 1.40am with the woman. He heard the man inform the woman that he would withdraw the money at the ATM once the vehicle’s tank was replenished. However, the man drove out leaving the woman at the scene.

The restaurant manager urged the one-legged Thai man to return to pay the cost. If the man did not do so, the restaurant would lodge a complaint with the police.

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