NZ engineering giant Beca to drive Thailand’s green future

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New Zealand’s leading advisory and engineering consultancy, Beca, is set to shape Thailand’s future, following Prime Minister Christopher Luxon’s pivotal visit on April 17.

CEO Amelia Linzey accompanied the business delegation, underscoring the powerful partnership between the two nations focused on green building and smart infrastructure.

Prime Minister Luxon’s visit marked a major milestone in the Thailand-New Zealand relationship, particularly in sustainability efforts. Beca, with its deep-rooted expertise in sustainable design and a robust presence of over 80 employees in Thailand, is poised to be a central player in this transformative journey.

“The focus on sustainable development during Prime Minister Luxon’s visit aligns perfectly with Beca’s core values. Thailand is one of our vital partners and a key market for New Zealand.

“We have a long history of delivering successful projects in Southeast Asia, from sustainable buildings and green infrastructure to industrial solutions. As an employee-owned business, our team in Southeast Asia is an integral part of the Beca family.”

Beca’s notable achievements in Thailand include the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, the Bank of Thailand Learning Centre, the One Bangkok precinct, and the Green Spot Soy Milk Plant. These projects highlight Beca’s knack for delivering innovative, sustainable solutions that ensure long-term success.

Bangkok now faces the challenge of refurbishing and repurposing existing buildings to boost energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and economic value while avoiding the significant carbon costs of new constructions. This collaboration, driven by Beca’s sustainable design prowess, presents a significant opportunity for Thailand to leap towards a greener future, reported The Nation.

“I look forward to Beca exploring new opportunities for collaboration and partnership in Thailand. Our team is excited to continue sharing insights and solutions. We respect Thailand’s dynamism and diversity, and we are committed to supporting our clients and communities in pursuing their development goals. Together, we can innovate, connect, and thrive.”

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