Nine year old Thai dancing sensation steals the show

Picture of nine year old Nong Che courtesy of Sanook

A nine year old boy, affectionately known as “Nong Che,” became an overnight sensation in Thailand thanks to his impeccable dance moves, which he showcased alongside Longan Hai Thongkham, a well-known local singer, and her troupe of dancers. The event took place yesterday at Pholview Restaurant, Ratchaburi Province, and the viral clip has since captured the hearts and attention of social media users.

Nong Che, whose full name is Jomphon Eakchin, has been dancing since he was barely a year old. His mother, 43 year old Kamonporn Deebut, recounted how her son’s passion for dance began with the song Phu Sao Kha Lao by Longan.

Even before he could speak clearly, he would mimic the song’s “Hey Hey” chants in perfect timing. His family, including his father and relatives, has always been supportive, cheering him on during his performances at school events and festivals.

The boy’s 46 year old aunt Pornpim Deebut shared that Nong Che’s interest in dance expanded from listening to the songs of Pumpuang Duangjan, a beloved Thai singer, to becoming a devoted fan of Longan Hai Thongkham. In pursuit of his dream to meet Longan, his family arranged for him to attend her performance at Pholview Restaurant, where the fateful video was recorded.

Despite a flat tyre that threatened to derail their plans, the family’s determination saw them repair their vehicle and arrive at the venue by 10pm. Although their table was set at a fair distance from the stage, it didn’t stop Nong Che from dancing along and catching Longan’s eye.

As the evening progressed, the young boy was given a chance to dance on stage, impressing the crowd and the singer herself. His ability to mirror the choreography astonished everyone, including Longan, who praised his talent. This special moment was captured on video by his mother and aunt, who were equally thrilled and emotional about his performance.

Viral video

The video’s popularity soared the next morning, leading to interviews and widespread media coverage. Nong Che’s parents and relatives are committed to supporting his aspirations to become an artist. In addition to his adoration for Longan, he admires other artists like Ja Arsiam and Lisa from BLACKPINK, hoping to meet them one day.

The young dancer’s talents have not gone unnoticed, and he is scheduled to perform alongside Longan and her dancers on May 27, at 9pm at the Pholview Restaurant in Bangkok, an opportunity that could potentially propel his dream into reality, reported Sanook.

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