Call centre scam crackdown: Thai cyber police nab nine, seize 300 million baht in evidence

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A significant blow has been struck against the fraudulent operations of a call centre gang, masterminding scams worth over 300 million baht, as the cyber police arrested nine individuals and seize numerous items of incriminating evidence. Officers from the Crime Technology Investigation Department at Thong Thanee today were successful in their crackdown against this notorious gang in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, arresting nine suspects and confiscating numerous incriminating items.

The gang had two divisions, one responsible for pressing for money from their targets and another, acting as paid mule accounts. Among those arrested were: 20 year old Ploymani, 22 year old Alo, 20 year old Thitikan, and 19 year old Ardee, who constituted the money-pressing group. The mule brigade included: 20 year old Pimanmas, 19 year old Phanomwan, 20 year old Weerachai, 28 year old Siriporn, and 38 year old Thanaphon.

Cash amounting to 1,058,620 baht, two cars worth 3.2 million baht, one motorcycle, two computers, 17 mobile phones, and numerous bank passbooks with ATM cards were seized. Into these accounts around 1.5 million baht had been deposited, in addition to other items, bringing the total cost of the seized goods to over 10 million baht.

Recently, there have been reports of victims who were scammed by the call centre gang, posing as express private courier employees. The gang duped victims into believing they had committed a crime and could rectify their situation by making a transfer of funds.

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The victims were fooled into transferring an amount totalling more than 2,839,298.45 baht. Investigations into the money trails led to ATM booths in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, serving as the foundation for the police to obtain search and arrest warrants for more than 15 suspects.

The gang maintained a well-structured hierarchy, each member possessing clearly defined roles, with Ploymani leading the charge. At its operational zenith, the gang was able to transfer up to 10 million baht per day.

From the end of 2022 until August 2023, it handled between 200 to 300 million baht. The seized evidence will aid the prosecution in charges relating to identity fraud, computer-based offences and money laundering. The authorities’ following steps will include reaching out to victims, tracking down and confiscating assets to compensate the victims.

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