Nightclub raid near university leads to police reassignment

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Police in Pathum Thani reassigned five officers from the Pak Khlong Rangsit Police Station following a raid on an unlicensed nightclub near a prominent university highlighting the lack of action surrounding the issue called for a more thorough and transparent investigation.

The crackdown occurred yesterday when central investigation police searched a nightclub in Rangsit at around 1.15am, officers found a significant number of underage patrons inside.

Upon checking identification, they discovered 65 individuals under the legal drinking age of 20. The owner, 28 year old Patipan Intharong admitted that the club only had a liquor license and no permit to operate as a nightclub.

The Thai authorities confirmed that the establishment lacked necessary permits and was serving alcohol past legally allowed hours.

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Patipan faces charges for running a business for commercial purposes, including food and alcohol sales, and providing entertainment after midnight, which violates local laws.

This incident led to the immediate reassignment of several high-ranking officers. The directive, issued by the Provincial Police Commander of Pathum Thani, Police Major General Yutthana Jonkhun aimed to ensure a thorough investigation of and maintain the integrity of the police force.

The directive noted that to prevent damage to the government service and ensure a smooth investigation, officers have been removed from their current posts.

The reassigned officers will temporarily serve at the Pathum Thani Provincial Police Operations Center. Meanwhile, replacements have been appointed to maintain the station’s operations.

Additionally, an investigation committee has been formed to probe the events leading up to the raid. This committee has been tasked with completing their report within 15 days. They will determine if any police officers were negligent or violated disciplinary codes.

This swift action underscores the Thai police force’s commitment to upholding the law and ensuring all establishments operate within legal parameters, especially those near educational institutions.

The raid came after social media reports highlighted the illegal activities at the nightclub, prompting the central investigation police to act, reported Khaosod.

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