Next Level Adventures ft. Paddy Doyle | Thaiger Podcast Ep.19

Youtuber, Traveller and dreamer. He quit his job as a primary school teacher, sold his belongings and hopped on his 94 Honda Dream motor bike to visit all 77 provinces of Thailand, to follow his passion for creating videos, travelling and living the Thailand dream.

Paddy Doyle is an extreme example of what a hard-working man can achieve. He has established himself as one of the top expat Youtuber in Thailand by travelling to the most remote parts of the country and shedding light on the many hidden gems of Thailand. We sit with Paddy today to discuss his process of travelling, creating, producing and editing all his own YouTube videos. The fatigue and loneliness that comes with the constant travelling and finding a balance between creating great travel videos on Youtube with other life responsibilities.


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