New year fortune seekers flock to Kamchanod for lucky numbers

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The island of Kamchanod in the Non Mueang District, Ban Dung, Udon Thani Province, continues to attract visitors, hoping for good luck. Today, many came to request blessings and participate in the late-night ceremony conducted by Por Jum Chawakarn, Kam Wan Sa, the resident fortune teller of Kamchanod.

People seeking fortune at Kamchanod cannot miss PorJum. Last night’s ceremony took place at his home, providing a peaceful atmosphere. The ritual involved lighting candles and praying. The magical candle water reflected the number 6-8-0-6. In an interesting coincidence, the number drawn when lighting an incense stick for good luck was 609, 906, similar to the candle water number, reported KhaoSod.

This was not the only numerical coincidence. Numbers from last year’s Kamchanod calendar regularly appeared in almost every draw, causing quite a stir. For the first lottery of the year, the Big Snake, the three significant digits to look out for are 616. The two-digit numbers include 61, 66, 34, 18, 19, 37, 53, 86, 76, and 30. These numbers are hoped to bring good luck for the New Year.

In related news, the Thai Government Lottery Office today is set to reveal the initial lottery outcomes for the auspicious Dragon Year. Enthusiastic fortune seekers and lottery enthusiasts are actively seeking fortuitous numbers to usher in the new year.

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Recently favoured number combinations have been collated from diverse sources, encompassing the propitious sequence 08-01-30, New Year numbers 567, 67, 024, 24, and Children’s Day numbers 13, within the 69th year.

The frenzy extends to social media, where participants discuss their lucky numbers. Further, lucky numbers related to the prime minister’s vehicle registration were observed when he visited Chiang Mai. His Volkswagen minivan has the registration number 9999.

Religious sentiments are also reflected in the lottery numbers. For instance, the late monk Kasem Khemako’s death anniversary on January 15, 2539, or 1996, marking 28 years since his passing has inspired numbers.

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