National park officer becomes an alien to promote tourism in southern Thailand

A surge in the circulation of extra-terrestrial-related stories on social media in Thailand inspired a national park officer to photo-edit an application to transform herself into an alien. The aim of this transformation was to boost tourism at the Khao Sok National Park, located in the southern province of Surat Thani.

The discussion surrounding the existence of UFOs and aliens on social media has been revitalized following recent events. Specifically, the US military’s interception of a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina on February 4, and the shooting down of three additional unidentified flying objects in Canada, Michigan, and Alaska.

Ten years ago, a well-known Thai Buddhist nun, Nawaracha “Prai” Pinijrokakorn, also called Mor Plai, claimed to have encountered an alien while in Australia. She posted a photo of what she believed was an extraterrestrial form of light. However, her claim was refuted by many scientists and photographers who stated that the photo was nothing but a lens flare.

The topic of UFOs and unknown species was reignited on several Thai television channels by celebrity Thanapon “Pete” Thongjuer, which sparked a new wave of discussion on social media.

Seizing the opportunity, Narin “Lee” Choomueang, an officer at Khao Sok National Park, used a photo editing application to transform herself into an alien national park guide and promote tourism at the park.

Lee posted the pictures on the park’s official Facebook page last Saturday. The caption said…

“Unbelievable! Khao Sok National Park spotted an alien disguising herself as a national park officer and working at the information centre. She said she wants people to travel to the national park!”

Each photo caption encourages visitors to explore Khao Sok National Park at the information centre and discover its attractions, such as the world-renowned Rafflesia, known as Bua Pud in Thai, and the exhibition within the centre.

Lee’s images rapidly gained popularity on Thai social media, garnering over 2,800 reactions, almost 300 comments, and 700 shares. Thai netizens praised her creativity, with many expressing a desire to visit the park and meet her in person.

During an interview with local news outlet Easy News, Lee explained that her primary responsibilities included preserving and caring for the national park, as well as managing its official page. Her aim is to attract more visitors to the park by providing up-to-date content related to viral social media trends.

Apart from trekking to see the largest flower, Rafflesia, visitors, both Thai and foreign, visit Khao Sok National Park to admire the beautiful Ratchaprapa or Chiao Larn Dam, which is said to be the little Guilin of Thailand.

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