Nakhon Pathom dairy raid reveals years of hygiene neglect

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Royal Thai Police (RTP) raided an illicit dairy operation in Nakhon Pathom, uncovering a shocking lack of hygiene standards where workers bottled products with bare hands, a practice that has been ongoing for five years.

The raid exposed several products, including the popular Mae Kim Lai’s floating candied palm seed drink, produced without the necessary Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registration number.

The crackdown, led by Police Major General Witthaya Sriprasertphap, Director of the Consumer Protection Police Division, followed a tip-off about the clandestine factory. The facility was found to be producing flavoured milk drinks and other beverages under various brands, such as COWS S.CHAOKHAO, PON PON, and Fresh Milk, without observing the standard sanitary regulations.

During the raid, the police discovered a significant amount of dairy products and the Mae Kim Lai palm seed drink ready to be bottled. The workers overseeing the production were not wearing gloves, compromising the hygiene and safety of the products.

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All goods were confiscated as evidence, and samples were taken for further analysis to detect any prohibited substances. The owner of the factory is being sought to face charges under the Food Act for producing impure food.

Previously, complaints had been lodged against the products, which were advertised in Cambodian language on TikTok and Facebook, falsely using FDA registration numbers from other products to gain consumer trust.

The milk beverages produced at the factory were tailored to market trends and distributed to customers in the border areas of Chanthaburi province and Cambodia. This operation is believed to have been in existence for over five years, reported KhaoSod.

Police Major General Witthaya issued a warning to consumers to avoid purchasing products from unknown sources, whether from physical stores or online platforms, as they could pose a danger due to the lack of proper standards and safety for consumers.

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