Mysterious Naga tracks discovered at Lampang temple during Kathina festival

Photo: Sanook

An unusual trail of Naga tracks was discovered near a pond at the back of the Wat San Pa Teung Wana Ram temple in Phra Bat, Mueang, Lampang yesterday during the Kathina (a Buddhist festival) celebrations. Villagers and a famous financial company jointly donated Kathina robes at the temple.

The unexpected sight of these mysterious marks, believed by locals to be left by a Naga, a serpent deity, drew a crowd of curious onlookers.

The peculiar marks, which appeared to be dried clay tracks resembling a crawling animal, were found leading up the Naga staircase near the statues of Grandfather Anantanakaraj and Mother Ya Usa Thevi Naga. The strange discovery was made in the early morning by the temple’s monk, Thit Khunok, who showed the captured images on his mobile phone to relatives.

An elderly woman, while attempting to light a candle as an offering, started to tremble uncontrollably, triggering a ripple of excitement among the other villagers present. She revealed that she had dreamt of a massive snake the previous night, and upon hearing about the mysterious Naga tracks at the temple, decided to witness it firsthand, which led to her unexpected reaction.

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A 52 year old temple worker, Suthee, revealed that the peculiar Naga tracks were discovered early in the morning while the monks were chanting before the Kathina. He believed the tracks were left by the Naga, who probably wanted to participate in the Kathina.

This was the first time he had experienced such an event, initially suspected that someone might have created the tracks. However, he confirmed that no one had visited the back of the temple the previous night. The temple’s head monk also cross-verified with the other monks and novices, who confirmed that no one had been at the back of the temple.

It was noted that every year, this temple experiences unexplained incidents related to the Naga, with mysterious photographs and news reports adding to the intrigue. The Kathina at Wat San Pa Teung Wana Ram raised a total net amount of 1,295,318 baht, reported Sanook.

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