Mysterious chicken deaths in Prachinburi spark concern

Picture courtesy of Khaosod

Residents of Prachinburi Province are alarmed after a series of chickens were found mysteriously dead with their entrails removed but their meat untouched. This occurrence has sparked rumours and left many puzzled.

A Facebook user posted, “Please help diagnose this. I don’t know what ate my chickens. It only ate the entrails and left the meat. The footprints, as shown in the picture, circle the chickens. Please help look into this.”

The post included an image of a dead chicken, appearing to have had its entrails removed entirely. Journalists travelled to the incident site in Wang Tha Chang, Kabin Buri, Prachinburi, where they met 68 year old Suwan Sopha, the owner of the chickens. She led them to the spot where her chickens were found dead, about 30 metres from her house in a wooded area.

Suwan recounted that she discovered the dead chickens at 9am. She noticed footprints in the grass that resembled those of a dog. However, her son-in-law was not convinced they were dog tracks, leading him to post about the mysterious deaths and footprints on Facebook.

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Suwan added that in the past, dogs had attacked their chickens but the chickens would always make noise and scatter. This time, the chickens were silent. She found it strange that only the entrails were taken while the meat was left untouched.

“If it were dogs, why would they only eat the entrails and not the meat?”

These mysterious deaths have led villagers to speculate that a supernatural entity, such as a phi pob or krasue, could be involved.

The peculiar circumstances, along with the mysterious footprints and the silent deaths of the chickens, have left the local community in a state of fear and confusion. Despite the logical explanation that a predator might be responsible, the specific behaviour of leaving the meat untouched has fuelled various theories among the residents.

The incident has drawn significant attention, with many Prachinburi locals contributing their thoughts and experiences on social media, attempting to identify the mysterious predator. While some believe it could be an animal with particular eating habits, others lean towards more supernatural explanations.

The Thai police have yet to provide a definitive answer, leaving the case open to interpretations and further investigation. The community remains on edge, waiting for a resolution or perhaps another incident that might shed light on the perplexing situation, reported Khaosod

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