Human remains in Chon Buri backyard sparks investigation

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A bone-chilling discovery was made in Chon Buri province when human remains were unearthed by a resident clearing the jungle behind their home. The skeletal fragments including a skull were scattered across the area, have triggered a police investigation as they attempt to identify the deceased and locate any relatives.

Locals alerted the Chon Buri City Police yesterday, May 2, about the presence of human remains in an overgrown jungle area behind a residence in Nong Khang Khok subdistrict of Mueng Chon Buri. The response team alongside the Thammarat Munee Rat Foundation’s rescue unit quickly rushed to the scene.

Upon their arrival, officials were confronted with a grisly scene. A human skull, jawbone, and various other bone fragments were found dispersed throughout the underbrush.

Jakree Danthong, a disaster prevention officer with the local administrative organisation, reported that the homeowner had set out to clean up the backyard and clear the jungle, but was horrified to come across the human remains during the process.

Initial investigations suggest that animals, possibly dogs, may have carried the bones to the location. Inquiries with the local community yielded no reports of missing individuals, and no resident had filed any missing person reports.

Police collected the remains for forensic analysis to determine the gender and identity of the deceased. The next steps include a search for any living relatives of the individual.

The situation has caused unease among locals, as the origin of the remains and the circumstances of death remain a mystery.

The unsettling find has prompted a full-scale investigation, as the authorities endeavour to solve the mystery behind the bones in the backyard. With forensic teams engaged and police follow-ups underway.

As the investigation continues, authorities are calling for anyone with missing family members to come forward to assist with the identification.

The discovery of human remains is always a matter of serious concern, and the police are treating the case with the utmost importance.

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