Mysterious burned human skeletons found in Isaan landfill

A Thai man discovered a burned human skeleton in a landfill in the Waeng Noi district of the Isaan province of Khon Kaen. The identity of the deceased and the cause of death are currently under investigation.

The man, a water delivery driver, stopped at the landfill yesterday, February 18, to urinate and came across the skeletons. He then reported the matter to Waeng Noi Police Station officers prompting further investigation into the deceased’s identity.

Upon examination by police officers and medical personnel, it was discovered that the dismembered skeleton had been burned leaving only hair on specific body parts. The deceased had long hair, yet determining the gender proved impossible. The dismembered skeleton was found encircled by steel wires, identified as fragments from car tyres.

Officers suspect that the criminals used the tyres as fuel to incinerate the body. The deceased had been subjected to burning for at least three days prior to its discovery. The skeletons are currently undergoing autopsy at Srinagarind Hospital of Khon Kaen University.

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In an effort to identify the deceased, police have examined reports of missing persons and identified three relevant cases. However, confirmation regarding the connection between these cases and the discovered skeleton is pending investigation.

Deputy Community Head Chirtchai Nakhun told Thai PBS that the dump site was small and known among locals in the area only. Residents visited the dump site frequently to pick up recyclable materials for sale, but no one noticed the skeletons.

Chirtchai suspected that the deceased was murdered elsewhere before being transferred and burned at the scene. He and the community head are coordinating with officers to question residents and determine if anyone is missing.

A similar discovery occurred in December last year in the Bang Phra district of Chon Buri. A logistics company reported that its employees found a human leg bone compressed in recycling cardboard cubes delivered from the US. The skeleton part was believed to belong to a foreigner, but no update was reported on the case.

Skeleton found in Khon Kaen Thailand
Photo via Facebook/ ชุมชนข่าวขอนแก่น
Human skeleton Khon Kaen Thailand
Photo via Facebook/ ชุมชนข่าวขอนแก่น

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