Multilingual airport security officer provides vital passenger assistance at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Image via wit494497, TikTok

An airport security officer at Suvarnabhumi Airport, who has the impressive ability to speak five languages, has come to the public’s attention. The officer, Yanaphop Boonthem, speaks Thai, Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean. Despite his primary role being airport security, the 55 year old’s multilingual skills have proven to be extremely valuable in guiding and assisting passengers with airport services.

The story came to light when TikTok user wit494497 posted a clip of Yanaphop communicating effortlessly with passengers in multiple languages. This unexpected skill set, held by a security officer, intrigued many. Yanaphop’s fluency in five languages enables him to provide correct guidance and advice about the various services at the airport.

This story was reported at 7pm yesterday when a journalist visited the international departure lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport to meet Yanaphop. He can be found stationed at the entrance of the international departure terminal, gate three.

Yanaphop shared that he, his colleagues, and his supervisor often shared clips of their language skills on TikTok. This was all part of their enjoyment of learning languages through applications and utilising them in their work. Yanaphop enjoys assisting passengers and is able to converse with those seeking advice or information about airport services, including bus routes and other details.

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Currently, Yanaphop is fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese and is studying Korean. He often uses a megaphone to guide passengers about the designated smoking areas, advising them not to smoke outside the terminal but to use the designated smoking area near Gate 1. These announcements are made in Thai, English, Japanese, and Chinese. He also guides those who come to drop off passengers, reported Sanook.

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