Motorised cart crash in Chaiyaphum kills elderly woman

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A tragic accident involving a motorised cart resulted in the death of a 68 year old woman and injuries to another passenger. The incident occurred yesterday in Chaiyaphum province when the cart, loaded with firewood, failed to ascend a hill and overturned.

Kaeng Khro Police Station officers responded promptly to the scene, finding a motorised cart tipped on its side on a dirt road near Ban Non Nok Khao Thong, approximately 1 kilometre from the village. The cart driver, Niwan, was a 67 year old local of the Kaeng Khro district. He survived the accident without serious injuries, as he was thrown from the vehicle during the crash.

The cart was heavily loaded with firewood, which scattered across the ground when the vehicle overturned. Tragically, the firewood and the cart itself pinned and killed 68 year old Nu Prang who was also a resident of the same district.

Rescuers had to use a jack and wooden supports to lift the cart and retrieve her body. At the scene, drag marks from the cart’s tyres extended for about 10 metres, indicating the struggle to ascend the hill.

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A third passenger, 68 year old Somchit, a relative from Moo 15, Na Nong Tum subdistrict, was injured. He was sitting to the left of the driver at the time of the accident. Despite the chaos, Niwan, the driver, was fortunate to escape without major injuries, though he was visibly shaken by the events.

The incident unfolded around 11.30am. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the deceased woman seated at the front of the cart alongside the driver. The cart was used for transporting agricultural produce and was fully loaded with firewood.

As the cart approached a hill, it struggled to maintain power due to the heavy load and eventually lost momentum. The cart then rolled backwards, overturned, and ejected all passengers, with the firewood falling and causing fatal injuries to Nu Prang.

Fatal accident

Niwan recounted that he and his companions had gone to collect firewood from a nearby forest early in the morning. They had filled the cart and were returning home just before noon when they encountered the steep hill that led to the tragic accident.

Despite his efforts to manage the challenging terrain, the cart could not sustain the climb, leading to the fatal overturn, reported KhaoSod.

Police and medical personnel from Kaeng Khro Hospital conducted an initial examination at the scene before transporting Niwan to the police station for further questioning. The police aim to determine the exact cause of the accident and proceed with legal action accordingly.

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