Motorcyclist nabbed for late-night theft of Ganesha statue

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Police apprehended a young motorcyclist who stole a brass statue of the Hindu deity Ganesha from the front of a prominent shopping mall. The suspect claimed a spiritual connection with the deity, insisting he only intended to worship the figure due to its inspirational qualities.

Despite his story sounding implausible today, the police team led by Police Colonel Peerapong Rawangban, Chief of Suphan Buri Provincial Police, and his deputies arrested the 24 year old suspect along with the stolen brass statue, broadening the case’s narrative beyond mere theft.

The incident unfolded on April 7, when the suspect, Thachanon, driven by what he described as a divine inspiration, took the Ganesha statue, which measured 16 inches wide and 26 inches tall. He confessed during interrogation that his intention was not to steal but to create a mould from the statue for his worship before returning it.

Thachanon admitted to already being a devotee of Ganesha and claimed he had no plans to sell the statue. Riding his motorcycle in the early hours, motivated by deep faith, he took the statue and later claimed to have a mystical ability to communicate with the deity, a notion he felt others found nonsensical and hard to comprehend, reported KhaoSod.

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Police Colonel Peerapong revealed that after the shopping mall reported the missing brass Ganesha, the investigative team from Suphan Buri Provincial Police worked tirelessly to track down leads. Their efforts culminated in Thachanon’s arrest and the statue’s return to the mall.

Thachanon now faces charges of theft during nighttime hours, with legal proceedings to follow.

In related news, a Udon Thani homeowner was left in shock when he returned to find his luxury home ransacked by a brazen thief.

Among the stolen objects are parts from a cherished Rolls-Royce inherited from the homeowner’s grandparents. The incident, which took place in the Soi Jintakam area, is currently under police investigation.

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