More details uncovered in billionaire couple’s Koh Tao death

PHOTO: More information is coming out about the deaths of the billionaire couple in a Koh Tao pool. (via Kusonsattha Rescue Service)

Details are emerging on the tragic drowning death of a billionaire hotel owner and his wife in Koh Tao last week as police investigate further. Along with a more detailed picture of the events of the day, a few inconsistencies emerged from the original information as the story broke, including a time gap between the first shouts of trouble were heard, and when staff was summoned to aid in an attempted rescue.

The timeline now established for the day of the billionaire couple’s death. The 59 year old Rakeshwar Sachatamakul arrived in Koh Tao with 55 year old wife Anshoo and 34 year old son Ratish in the morning, heading to the hotel that he booked online. The family was unhappy with the accommodation, which was small and under construction, so at 11 am they were picked up by a driver from Jamahkiri Resort & Spa and transferred to the second hotel.

The couple grabbed a beer and ordered room service lunch while their room was made up, and then moved to their room at 12:17 pm. Later, Ratish dropped his bag and phone at reception and checked out a kayak. Shortly after, his parents stopped by reception to ask for directions to the pool at the sprawling resort.

Next Ratish returned to reception to return the kayak and pick up his bag and phone and a staff member gave him directions to the pool also. At 3:49 pm 4 or 5 shocked outcries were heard by a staff member, but looked around and saw no one, so he went back to work, not suspecting anything about the death of the billionaire and his wife. Strangely, it wasn’t until 12 minutes later at 4:01 pm that after another loud shout, Ratish was spotted at the pool frantically calling for help.

When staff arrived at the pool, Rakeshwar was on his back on the steps of the pool and was then pulled out by another employee on hand. Staff called a Koh Tao Hospital doctor and emergency rescue workers. The doctor on the phone walked them through first aid and a CPR heart pump.

Contrary to earlier information, Ratish’s mother Anchoo was not with his father, and he asked staff to help find his mother. Staff searched around and then found Anchoo’s body floating at the other end of the somewhat winding pool. She was at the edge of the deep end of the pool (not that shallow end as earlier reported) and rescue workers pulled her from the pool to transport her body to the hospital.

It is now reported that Rakeshwar was still alive when he was transported to the hospital and died shortly after arriving.

Yesterday police stepped up the investigation into the billionaire couple’s death of the wealthy hotelier and industrialist with the announcement of the commander of the Surat Thani Provincial Police had joined the investigation. The Crime Suppression Division was ordered to review the case further by Thailand’s Deputy National Police Commissioner on Monday.

Provincial Police Region 8’s commander also joined the Koh Tao Police originally investigating the deaths. A full reenactment of the afternoon of the billionaire couple’s death was carried out and police are focusing on gathering every bit of evidence possible for the investigation. A full autopsy is being performed on both victims at the Police General Hospital in Bangkok, with results expected to be delivered within a week or two.

SOURCE: Thai Examiner

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