More and more Americans are liking Thailand’s edible insects

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More and more Americans are taking a liking to Thailand’s edible insects, according to Thailand Department of International Trade Promotion. The department’s director-general, Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit, told TNA that the department found from its survey on Thai export opportunities that insect consumption was growing steadily and significantly in the US.

Phusit has suggested that insect products should be marketed through restaurants, since they used the insects as ingredients. He said Mexican Americans should particularly be targeted for marketing, since they enjoy using insect products in their ingredients. Phusit added that the products should also be marketed through e-commerce channels like Amazon, eBay to reach consumers directly.

“For the US market, edible Thai insect products should be developed and diversified. There should be ready-to-eat products, snacks and protein bars.”

Thailand’s edible insects include several critters that make many Westerners’ skins crawl upon the thought of eating them. They include silk worm, crickets, and red ants, just to name a few. Many of the bugs are said to be healthy and high in protein. Such products can often be found at market street vendors. Spots that sell edible insects include Phuket’s Bangla Road and Bangkok’s Khao San Road.

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A number of countries sell insects as a food product. Last year, Japan introduced vending machines that sell snacks with insect extract and edible insects. The machines have 12 types of insects including bamboo caterpillars, crickets, and water beetles.


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