MOPH to investigate Krabi’s holy water after a disabled woman claimed she could walk after drinking it

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The Ministry of Public Health yesterday revealed it intends to investigate Krabi’s holy water after a disabled woman claimed she could walk again after drinking it.

The holy water is prepared by putting a miracle rock in water that was found in the area. Locals believe the rock has magical qualities. A shaman then conducts a ceremony to conjure a spirit from the water before selling it to people from across the country.

The water is on sale at a house in the Khao Phanom district of Krabi. The owner of the house, a 43 year old man named Rin Rakwong, revealed that a woman came to him in a dream and suggested he went to collect the mystical rock from a hill in the Kuan Kiam community.

Rin said he went to the place and found the exact rock he had dreamed about. He invited a shaman to conjure a spirit from the rock and make the water holy.

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Rin claims he gave his bedridden father some of the holy water to drink, and kazaam! His father could walk again. But not only that, he could live without a ventilator.

Rin said he was offered 1 million baht for the magical rock but he refused because he is scared that the female soul in his dream would come back and haunt him and take revenge.

Once news got out that his father could walk again, locals in Krabi and other provinces came to Rin’s house to buy the holy water. Rin charges 20 baht for three bottles of water.

Khaosod reported that since the revelation between 3,000 to 5,000 people queue every day to get some of the magical holy water.

The wife of the Krabi Provincial Administration Organization revealed her disabled friend could walk again after drinking the water.

The Deputy Director of the Health Department, Autthapon Kaewsamrit, told Thai media yesterday that he has recommended the provincial health department test the water to determine whether it is safe for people to drink or not.

Autthapon recommends locals refrain from drinking the water because it could contain bacteria, germs and dangerous substances that could lead to health problems and diseases like diarrhea.

Mythical rock holy water
The magical rock that Rin found on the mountain | Photo via กระบี่นิวส์

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