Snake charms monks: Unusual temple encounter in northern Thailand

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In an unusual incident, over 500 monks peacefully gave way to a green snake that slithered into their temple meeting, ultimately cohabiting the space until the gathering’s conclusion in northern Thailand.

The intriguing episode unfolded in a shared clip on social media at the Wat Jampa Temple in the Prakhon Chai district of Buriram province. The monks were convening for their annual meeting, known as the monk council or Pra Nwaga, simultaneously delivering teachings. Rather than evoking chaos amongst the religious men, they calmly moved aside for the snake to glide through without any form of hostility.

Eventually, the green reptile sought refuge under the podium while one of the monks, Suthee Wachiraphajan, the assistant temple abbot of Phra Chetupon Vimolmangklararm, was still in the process of delivering teachings at the podium. While Suthee continued his discourse, he subtly mentioned the snake, indicating its probable search for a twig before it headed towards a smaller podium’s base. He asserted its presence as a good omen before carrying on with the religious conference. Throughout, the snake simply remained under the podium base.

Monk Somdej Atthiphong Nissarao, the spiritual leader of Tambon Nong Bon and temple abbot of Wat Phin Thong, recounted the intriguing encounter. On August 13, during the grand annual monk council, or Pra Nwaga, Suthee Wachiraphajan, the assistant temple abbot of Phra Chetupon Vimolmangklararm, was delivering teachings when an unexpected guest made an appearance. Remarkably, as the snake entered, the monks remained composed, making way for it to pass without panic.

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Though unconventional, the monks viewed this incident as benign, believing that the snake bore no ill intentions. Instead, its presence was interpreted as a potential harbinger of good luck and fortune.

Acting in line with their inherent compassion, the monks refrained from causing harm to the snake, further reflecting their foundation of loving-kindness. Notably, the monks even joined together in collective chants for the well-being of the serpent.

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