Thai Buddhist monk’s daily life TikTok goes viral (video)

PHOTO via TikTok/@mek_tc

A video showing a day in the life of a Thai Buddhist monk went viral, garnering over 600,000 views within hours, as the TikTok vlog gained praise from netizens and increased interest in monastic life.

Yesterday a Thai Buddhist monk using the TikTok handle @mek_tc posted a video blog (Vlog) offering a glimpse into the daily life of a monk. The caption, translating to “Who said being a monk is leisurely? Come, see for yourself!” captured the attention of viewers. The Vlog shows the monk’s morning routine, featuring activities such as chanting, washing laundry, hanging clothes, and sweeping the temple grounds.

In less than a day, the video attracted over 600,000 views, generating a flood of comments from curious netizens, many of whom expressed their interest and requested more content related to the life of a monk. The popularity of the post caught the monk by surprise as they tweeted, “didn’t expect so much attention, I am not ready for this!”

@mek_tc ใครบอกเป็นพระแล้วว่าง มาดูนี้นะโยมมม 🥹 #พระสงฆ์ #monk #พส ♬ got nothing in my brain – user101010101010*-*

A Thai Buddhist monk also drew a lot of attention a few months ago when he celebrated his birthday at a temple in Surin province, which is located in the northeastern part of Thailand. He did this by ascending into the air on a crane and throwing 150,000 baht (approximately US$4,300) to the people who attended the celebration. Read more HERE.

Thai monks have demonstrated great levels of generosity. In 2020, a monk won 18 million baht in the lottery and decided to donate the winnings. The monk, 67 year old Montri Samajjo, known as Monk Piak, said he didn’t buy the tickets with the hopes of winning. He bought them because a lottery ticket seller came by temple asking for help. The monk gave 1 million baht to each of his 3 children. He donated a portion of the winnings to the temple as well as to those who needed money. He saved the rest to help people who may need it in the future.

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