Miracle escape as officer survives Yala-Bangkok train collision unharmed

Photo courtesy of Sanook.

A collision occurred between a Yala to Bangkok express train and a pickup truck, resulting in the vehicle being seriously damaged but the driver, a corrections officer, miraculously survived unscathed.

The collision involved train number 170, the rapid service from Yala to Bangkok, originating from three border provinces in the south. The train collided with a Toyota pickup truck, license plate number 3744, in Songkhla near the railway crossing at Ban Kuan Mee, just before reaching Kuan Mee railway station. The force of the train collision sent the truck flying to the side of the railway, destroying the entire right side of the vehicle.

The driver, 44 year old Sarawut Suwanaphum, a corrections officer from Na Thawi prison, astonishingly escaped without a scratch. He was found sitting in his seat in the wrecked vehicle. The train, on the other hand, suffered negligible damage and was able to continue its journey to the Hat Yai junction station as scheduled. However, railway officials had to thoroughly inspect the locomotive for safety.

Initially, the onboard railway authorities rushed to assist the driver, expecting him to be seriously injured given the condition of the vehicle. However, they were astounded to find him safe albeit in shock. Emergency services from Khlong Phea were called to check on Sarawut, but he showed no signs of injury and declined to be taken to the hospital. Local police from Chana station arrived to investigate the train collision incident.

Upon questioning, Sarawut explained that he was crossing the railway tracks in his vehicle but failed to see the approaching train, leading to a severe collision. He attributed his good fortune to a coin amulet of the Lord Buddha that he wore around his neck. The amulet, known as Maha Loy Ratinai, comes from Wat Laem in Pak Kor, Songkhla, and is a well-known protective talisman in the region reported Sanook.

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