Massive python stuck in Ayutthaya drainage pipe sparks rescue

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A nearly 4-metre slithering python, bloated as though it had just ingested a cat, was discovered trapped in a drainage pipe at a residence in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province, sparking both rescue efforts and local superstition.

Today, April 25, the Ayutthaya Radio Centre received an unusual distress call from the homeowners at 150/7 Moo 8, Hua Ro Subdistrict. A massive python had become lodged inside a drainage pipe, unable to move. Rescue teams with expertise in snake handling were swiftly dispatched to the scene to assist with what would become a tricky extraction operation.

Upon their arrival, the rescue team was met with the daunting task of freeing the slippery customer. Neighbours had gathered, and the shock was palpable when they removed the pipe cover to reveal the python’s considerable girth, hinting at a recent large meal.

The rescue operation required the use of tools to break through concrete and widen the pipe’s opening. It took the team and community members working together over an hour to successfully liberate the python.

The homeowner, Sunantha, recounted how she discovered the blockage upon returning home. Initially suspecting a typical clog, the true cause was far more serpentine and startling. After the snake’s discovery, she quickly alerted the authorities, concerned for the animal’s well-being.

In the aftermath, Sunantha and others speculated on the possibility of the python bringing luck, contemplating using their house number to bet on lottery numbers—a common practice in Thai culture where such unusual occurrences are often seen as omens, reported KhaoSod.

Once freed, the python’s distended abdomen was noted, indicating it had likely consumed a kitten. In line with standard procedure for such incidents, the rescue team placed the snake in a sack to be released back into the wild, ensuring the safety of both the python and the locals.

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