Chiang Rai province battles wildfire

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The lush province of Chiang Rai was at the mercy of a raging wildfire on Tuesday which incinerated over 400 rai (640,000 square metres) in the vicinity of the Golden Triangle, a renowned region in the district of Chiang Saen. The incident demanded the immediate action of the Chiang Saen District Administration and other responsible officers.

The wildfire initially reared its destructive head in the morning hours of Monday. Thanks to the swift and concentrated efforts of local firefighters, the blaze was promptly subdued, halting its devastating trek towards local homes and government buildings. Yet, the fire proved to be a formidable adversary, reigniting and spreading further across more than 400 rai by the afternoon of the same day.

In a race against time and the elements, over 20 fire trucks were dispatched to the scene to tackle the insatiable flames. Their mission was twofold: not only to control the wildfire but also to prevent it from gnawing its way further into the heart of the community.

The wildfire was successfully reined in by 10pm on April 23, its threatening flames tamed for the time being. However, the fight was far from over. Officers were strategically positioned on standby, their vigilant eyes watchful for any signs of the wildfire’s resurgence, reported Pattaya News.

In related news, Chiang Mai, a city in the northern region of Thailand, is currently combating an alarming number of forest fires, with over 15 fires reported, some of which have been persisting for three days. As per the local authorities, 17 out of 153 hotspots were detected in the city on April 15.

Five of these hotspots are located in the Chiang Dao district, with two positioned on Doi Nang in Baan Na Lao of Tambon Chiang Dao. Forest fires have been blazing in these areas for several days.

In other news, in the relentless battle against raging forest fires sweeping through northern Thailand, tragedy struck as one firefighter lost his life while two others fought for their survival.

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