Massive international drug bust in Phra Khanong district

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod English

Officers from the Narcotics Suppression Bureau (NSB) and Immigration Police arrested a Nigerian national, along with eight other suspects linked to a sprawling drug trafficking network.

The bust unfolded at Pavilion Mansion, Udomsuk 49 Alley, Bang Chak district, Phra Khanong, Bangkok.

A total of nine individuals including 40 year old Nigerian national, identified only as Fabian, were apprehended, with a cache of US dollars and counterfeit money seized. The evidence was taken for further investigation.

Facing charges of conspiring to traffic type 1 narcotics (cocaine) and manufacturing counterfeit foreign currency, the accused risk life imprisonment and fines ranging from 200,000 to 400,000 baht. Police Lieutenant General Kirisak Tantivachai, NSB Commissioner, declared the success of Operation Mouse Hunt 2, aiming to dismantle 100 drug trafficking networks.

The investigation honed in on black individuals distributing drugs discreetly along Sukhumvit Road. These African traffickers orchestrated their operations by smuggling cocaine from South America, exploiting Thai women romantically entangled in their web. Some Thai women were even coerced into transporting crystal meth to third countries, reported KhaoSod English.

Authorities caution Thai women against falling prey to these international drug rings, urging vigilance to thwart potential victimisation.

In related news, a significant international drug ring has been dismantled, leading to the arrest of the operation’s leader and the seizure of over 15 million methamphetamine pills, and more than one tonne each of heroin, ketamine, and ice.

The operation also netted assets worth approximately 105 million baht. The Anti-Narcotics Police Headquarters successfully busted four drug trafficking cases, arresting six suspects and seizing over 16 million methamphetamine pills, 27 kilogrammes of heroin, and about 105 million baht worth of assets.

In other news, a 30 year old air hostess was interrogated for over six hours on January 3 following the discovery of her name on a parcel containing 7.5 kilogrammes of concealed cocaine intended for delivery to Australia. The narcotics were hidden in 15 1-metre-long cushions within the parcel, initially intended for a Thai female student residing in Australia.

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