Chon Buri forest mystery solved: Charred body on forest tyres identified

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The identity of a man whose charred body was found sitting on tyres in a forest has been ascertained. Chon Buri authorities discovered his national identity card in his trouser pocket and have asked for time to investigate the incident. They have also accelerated their efforts to track down the ruthless killer.

The body was found in a forest on the way to Wat Tham Prathun, in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri province. The physical characteristics of the deceased suggest he was about 165 to 170 centimetres tall. His corpse was burnt using four car tyres, resulting in complete incineration.

At 8pm yesterday, Police Colonel Thawatkiat Jindakuansanong, the Provincial Police Region of Chon Buri, inspected the crime scene. He ordered the police forensic team to gather as much evidence as possible from the scene.

Preliminary examination of the body revealed that about 40% of it was burnt, with a sharp object-inflicted wound observed on the left side of the chest. Within the deceased’s trouser pocket, an ID card was found, identifying him as 31 year old Thanathip Waedthaisong, residing at house no. 151, Nong Yai district, Nong Kung Si district, Kalasin province. The four tyres used for burning were reduced to steel wires, suggesting that they were small-sized, similar to car tyres, reported KhaoSod.

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Police Colonel Thawatkiat mentioned that he is giving time for the police to conduct their investigations. This includes verifying the identity of the deceased and the cause of death, which will be determined by the doctor and the police forensic team through a detailed post-mortem.

He also expressed that the pursuit and identification of the perpetrator will involve a collaborative effort from the regional, provincial, and Nong Prue police. They plan to meet and strategise on how to apprehend the criminal as quickly as possible.

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