Man survives after falling 70 metres from cliff in central Thailand

A Thai man this morning was thanking his lucky stars and he plunged 70 metres from a dangerous clifftop at Phu Thap Burk, in the central province of Phetchabun, and survived.

Khaosod reported this morning that a Thai tourist from Pathum Thani province fell from the Phu Thap Burk Mountain viewpoint while taking a picture in the early hours of this morning. His identity has not been reported.

A witness reported the incident to the rescue team saying that the man travelled alone and asked a teenager at the spot to take a picture for him. While he was finding a good spot he stepped backward, slipped, and suddenly fell.

According to media reports, Somboon Muendate, the head of the Ruam Katanyu Foundation, stated that the top of Phu Thap Burk was a favourite spot for tourists to take photos due to its picturesque background.

After learning that a man had fallen from the high and steep cliff, Somboon and his team quickly arrived at the location. Despite the challenging terrain, they cautiously descended to rescue the man and were amazed to discover that his injuries were not severe.

Somboon speculated that the victim was fortunate to have landed on a cushion of banana trees and dense grass, which helped to keep him safe.

The victim was reported to have aches and pain all over the body but did not have any serious wounds. He received first aid and later travelled to Somdet Phra Yupparat Lomkao Hospital for a further health check.

The story is similar to another man who survived a similar incident in the southern province of Phattalung last year. The 47 year old, Amnuay Rattanachotiyo, was rescued from a high cliff, about 30 metres above the ground, after being stuck for almost two days.

Amnuay recounted that he had been exploring a cave when he noticed a hole at the top. Driven by his love for adventure, he decided to climb up and investigate the opening. However, he soon discovered that he was unable to proceed any further and began to make his way back down to his original location.

Unfortunately, he became disoriented and suddenly found himself at the edge of a cliff. He attempted to climb down using vines and tree roots, but they were too short to reach the ground. In a desperate move, he removed his shirt and fastened it around a rock to secure himself in place until help arrived.

Thankfully, a resident eventually spotted him and came to his aid.


Man survives after falling 70 metres from cliff in central Thailand | News by Thaiger

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