Oink oink: Man offers 99 pig heads to fulfil vow at Nakhon Pathom temple

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A young employee visited a renowned temple in Nakhon Pathom with his wife and child to fulfil a vow made to a revered Buddhist statue, bringing offerings of 99 pig heads, 100 boiled eggs, and nine types of fruits.

At 9am yesterday at Klang Bang Phra temple in Nakhon Pathom, worshippers gathered to pay respects to the revered Luang Por Somwang statue. The sacred Buddha image, standing over 30 metres tall, is a significant spiritual figure for local residents and devotees nationwide.

Among the worshippers was Wat, a Bangkok resident. His family brought an extensive offering to fulfil a vow made to Luang Por Somwang. The offerings included 99 pig heads, 100 boiled eggs, and nine kinds of fruits: pomelo, pineapple, coconut, pear, dragon fruit, apple, grapes, and bananas. These items were neatly arranged on trays in front of the Buddha statue.

Wat, who works for a private company, shared that four years ago, he was single and visited Klang Bang Phra temple. During that visit, he prayed to Luang Por Somwang, hoping for a complete family. He specifically wished for a wife and children.

Wat followed a ritual by applying gold leaf to the right hand of the statue and prayed at the designated area, believing in the blessings of Luang Por Somwang. He frequently prayed for career success, financial stability, and luck.

Within a year of his prayer, Wat met his future wife, leading to marriage and the birth of their child. As a gesture of gratitude, he returned to the temple with his family to fulfil his vow with the offerings he had promised.

Wat expressed his deep faith in Luang Por Somwang, stating that all his prayers for career, finances, luck, and love had been answered.

After making the offerings, Wat performed a ritual involving the lighting of firecrackers, which revealed the numbers 507 and 23. The offerings were dedicated to the temple’s charitable projects which include providing aid to bedridden patients, disabled individuals, the elderly, low-income families, and victims of various disasters, reported KhaoSod.

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