Child abuse incident in central Thailand shocks local community

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A disturbing incident emerged in Kamphaeng Phet, where two 12 year old girls allegedly coerced a seven year old boy and a five year old girl into inappropriate activities, recording the events in exchange for sweets and toys.

The Facebook page Kamphaeng Phet Complaints posted about the situation, explaining that the two older girls lured the younger children into engaging in inappropriate acts and filmed them. The video subsequently circulated throughout their village, causing immense distress to the families involved.

The incident reportedly took place in a local school in the Trai Trung sub-district. The families of the young victims approached the Facebook page for help after feeling that the parents of the perpetrators were not taking responsibility for their children’s actions. The page’s administrator, 1st Sergeant Prajakrit Saithip, accompanied the victims’ families to Kamphaeng Phet City Police Station to file a complaint.

According to the families, the seven year old boy, Nong Kim, and the five year old girl, Nong Cream, attend the same school and live in the same neighbourhood in Mu 8 (Ban Pak Dong), Trai Trung sub-district. They are under the care of relatives because their parents work in different locations. The two older girls, one of them identified as Manow, and her friend, also live nearby.

The older girls allegedly took Kim and Cream to a secluded area in a nearby village (Mu 10, Ban Koh E Saew), where they made them undress and perform inappropriate acts while filming them. They promised the younger children sweets and Barbie dolls as rewards, although the children reportedly did not receive these items.

The video eventually leaked, leading to widespread viewing within the village and significant embarrassment for the families. One of the victims’ aunts expressed her concern.

“From talking to the children, it seems this happened three times already. I want the parents of the 12 year old girls to acknowledge their children’s behaviour and take responsibility but they have shown no interest.”

Further assistance

The aunt further requested assistance from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security or other relevant agencies to ensure the safety of the children. She suggested transferring the children to a different school under her supervision to prevent further incidents. She highlighted concerns about the five year old girl’s safety, as her parents are separated and she lives with her father and relatives. Similarly, the seven year old boy lives with his father’s family due to his parent’s separation.

Sgt. Prajakrit, the page administrator, acknowledged the charge.

“We received the video from the parents of the affected children, fearing they wouldn’t get justice. This has happened three times, and nothing has been done.”

Prajakrit emphasised the need for parental intervention and accountability, despite the children not facing legal consequences. He urged those who have the video to delete it and stop sharing it, warning of legal repercussions and expressing concern for the children’s well-being, reported Khaosod.

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