Man brings mother to confront security guard who called him fat

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A man and a security guard resolved their dispute amicably after a heated after-school exchange in Nonthaburi yesterday, July 10, when the security guard called the man fat after he drove fast by her on a motorcycle in a school zone. As a response, the man brought along his mother to confront the guard.

Head of the security guard unit, 52 year old Supap shouted at the man, 37 year old Deaw, calling him fat and asking him to drive more carefully.

Deaw explained that he was returning from delivering items to monks when the incident occurred. He claimed that Supap did not signal for him to stop and that he continued riding because it was his lane. Deaw revealed the unforeseen comments extremely hurt him.

“When she called me fat, it was hurtful because we were not familiar with each other. If we were close friends, that would be different.”

Stationed at the front of Satri Nonthaburi School, Supap recounted that she was helping parents and students cross the street when Deaw rode past. She admitted to calling him fat out of frustration because he did not stop for pedestrians.

“I didn’t intend to bully him. I just wanted him to stop for the crossing.”

The incident escalated when Supap went to complain to a monk outside the school, who then called Deaw’s mother. Deaw clarified that he did not bring his mother intentionally to scold Supap, but she decided to accompany him after receiving the monk’s call.

The security guard head acknowledged that she did not know Deaw personally but saw him regularly because he often dropped off children at the school. Deaw mentioned that he usually picks up the monks and their alms bags to take them to the temple. He also expressed regret over his mother’s involvement, reported KhaoSod.

At 1.30pm yesterday at Nonthaburi City Police Station, Deputy Inspector Somjet Thammabut invited both parties to mediate. After a discussion, Deaw apologised for his actions, and on the behalf of his mother. Supap accepted the apology and reiterated her role as a volunteer helping students.

“I hope Deaw understands my good intentions. I volunteer to help the students and ensure their safety.”

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