Thai lottery statistics reveal top numbers for June 1 draw

As Thailand‘s government lottery draw for June 1 is fast approaching, scores of lottery enthusiasts and experts have begun seeking lucky numbers. Reporters have compiled data on winning numbers from the past ten years for the June 1 lottery draw, which may provide insights into potential lucky digits.

An analysis of winning lottery numbers from the past ten years may yield insights to help individuals make the most of the upcoming government lottery draw on June 1. The dataset looks at the winning numbers from the first prize draw down to the three-digit numbers for each year, offering a possible guide for those eager to test their luck.

In recent years, various winning numbers have emerged in the government’s June 1 lottery. For example, the winning numbers for June 1, 2022, were as follows: first prize, 319196; last two digits, 02; first three digits, 679 and 817; and last three digits, 213 and 652. Additionally, the winning numbers for the June 1, 2021 lottery were as follows: first prize, 292972; last two digits, 45; first three digits, 193 and 620; last three digits, 723 and 978.

Looking further back, the June 1, 2020 lottery bore these winning numbers: first prize, 831567; last two digits, 24; first three digits, 264 and 489; last three digits, 562 and 582. In 2019, the winning numbers were: first prize, 516461; last two digits, 46; first three digits, 589 and 713; last three digits, 215 and 560.

In 2018, the winning numbers were: first prize, 988117; last two digits, 95; first three digits, 310 and 553; last three digits, 248 and 650. In 2017, the winning numbers were: first prize, 053630; last two digits, 61; first three digits, 121 and 218; last three digits, 581 and 881.

The June 1 lottery in 2016 provided these winning numbers: first prize, 511825; last two digits, 14; first three digits, 111 and 775; last three digits, 880 and 937. In 2015, the winning numbers were: first prize, 388881; last two digits, 65; last three digits, 314, 700, 876 and 969. Finally, in 2014 and 2012, the winning numbers were: first prize, 781198 and 935489; last two digits, 18 and 90; last three digits, 160, 324, 409, 636, and 480, 713, 716 and 768, respectively.

With this wealth of historical data, lottery enthusiasts may make informed choices when selecting their lucky numbers in the approaching June 1 government lottery draw.

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