Lottery fever peaks as draw nears in Thailand

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The lottery community is abuzz with excitement as the upcoming draw on April 16, approaches. Enthusiasts and fortune seekers are eager to discover which numbers will emerge as the most auspicious, with various sources offering their predictions and tips for this lottery cycle.

A popular lottery forecast figure, known simply as Notty, shared their final set of lucky numbers with followers before being detained during a live session. Notty expressed a preference for the number 61 and suggested that it could be reversed as well, sparking discussion among lottery players who ponder the implications of such advice.

In another corner of the lottery prediction arena, a TikTok user with the account nid8857 has shared clips of Chinese calendars that hint at potential winning numbers. The calendars showcased a variety of numbers, including 2524, 327692, 3007, 250, 23, and 2504. These numbers offer a wide range of possibilities, leaving it to the individual to interpret which ones might bring them a fortune.

Moreover, the registration plate of a vehicle, 9 กผ 4372, has caught the attention of those looking to try their luck. The vehicle was notably blessed with holy water in a ceremony where it was anointed with an image of the mythical Naga’s head.

This year, deemed the Year of the Big Snake or Golden Dragon according to Chinese tradition, might suggest that the registration plate could be linked to upcoming prosperity, reported Sanook.

Celebrity Hay Apaporn also joined the fray, sharing a promising number given by her mother. With the opening of Lottery Plus, she didn’t hesitate to take a chance on these digits, emphasising the convenience of purchasing lottery tickets without having to step outside in the heat.

In related news, lottery buffs remain undeterred in their search for lucky numbers, with the Thai government lottery draw scheduled for April 1, drawing considerable attention.

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