Woman discovers boyfriend’s hairpin gift worth more than multiple diamond rings

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A story of unanticipated value unfolded when a woman from Shanghai, China, discovered that her boyfriend’s gift of an austere hairpin held a value surpassing many diamond rings.

In a time-honoured tradition of expressing love through symbolic gifts, Xiao Wang and her boyfriend upheld this practice in their blossoming romance. As a modern twist to this age-old custom, Xiao Wang expressed her desire for a beautiful diamond ring she had come across.

Her boyfriend, who recently graduated and with limited funds, offered her a gold hairpin he had brought from home. He insisted its worth was far greater than the diamond ring she coveted.

Despite his repeated emphasis on the hairpin’s value and his request for her to keep it safe, the tiny rod, thick at both ends and resembling a golden paint roller, appeared far from priceless to Xiao Wang. She often joked about its uncanny resemblance to a paint roller to her boyfriend, reported Sanook.

In a clandestine move, Xiao Wang took the hairpin to the Valuation of Property show on CCTV for an expert’s appraisal. The expert’s sudden action of breaking the pin in two left Xiao Wang aghast, which prompted a swift explanation from him.

Upon breaking the pin into two parts, the expert revealed the pure gold-like appearance and patterns on its surface, with a hollow core that could be reconnected. This was a common feature in ancient times to hide secret messages. It was determined to be a craftsmanship from the late Qing dynasty.

Hearing this, Xiao Wwang eagerly asked about its value, to which the expert replied that it surpassed the value of several diamond rings combined. This revelation brought immense joy to Xiao Wwang. Apart from understanding the hairpin’s worth, she felt a deep gratitude for her boyfriend’s love. The pin became a symbol of their love and a potential family heirloom.

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