Loei’s watery woes: Torrential rain drowns 60 homes and more

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Relentless downpours over the past week have led to extensive flooding in Loei province, northeastern Thailand, submerging more than 60 residences, agricultural land, government structures, and even a central sports field. The continuous precipitation has triggered the overflow of numerous tributaries, with particular emphasis on the Loei River, the province’s primary watercourse.

While water levels in the Loei River have recently receded in areas like Phu Luang, Wang Saphung districts, and Loei’s municipal region, the floodwaters persist in causing havoc, especially in low-lying zones adjacent to the riverbanks in the Chaiyaphruek area of Loei’s central district.

Villages such as Kaeng Pla, Na Bon, and other residential areas have borne the brunt of this deluge, with over 60 houses submerged, roads and pathways impassable, and agricultural land suffering significant damage due to the relentless Loei flooding.

The local government unit, the Chaiyaphruek Subdistrict Municipality, dispatched officials to distribute box meals and survival bags and to assess the damage to affected residents.

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Loei province has also issued warnings to residents of Tha That and Pak Tom subdistricts in Chiang Khan district to move their belongings to higher ground in preparation for the mass of water from the Loei River before it flows down to the Mekong River, reported KhaoSod.

Torrential rains in Phayao province recently wreaked havoc on 100 households, causing extensive damage to the area. Relentless rainfall, persisting day and night, led to water overflowing from the nearby woods and spilling into the Mae Tam River. Consequently, homes, roads, and farmlands in the vicinity were submerged by the floodwaters. Read more HERE.

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