Legal action demanded over former police chief’s alleged 200 million baht bid-rigging scandal

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The president of the Crime Victims Assistance Club, Atchariya Ruangrattanapong, demanded legal action against a former national police chief for alleged bid-rigging in the construction of ammunition factories. The former police chief is accused of transferring over 200 million baht intended for the purchase of stun guns.

Atchariya lodged a complaint with the Anti-Corruption and Misconduct Commission today, alleging that the former police chief violated various “Acts,” including the Act on Offenses Relating to Bidding to Government Agencies, the Act on the Procurement and Management of State Supplies, the Act on Registration of Machinery, and the Dangerous Substances Act.

Atchariya presented documents relating to the construction contracts of the ammunition factories, which were not tendered but selected, a method that he claims is illegal as it allows for bid-rigging. He noted that the cost of these factories varied between 9 million baht and 15 million baht, despite the buildings being of the same design and structure, reported Sanook.

Furthermore, Atchariya pointed out that the 12 nationwide ammunition factories could not produce bullets as they lacked the necessary licenses and machinery, rendering them derelict. He intends to submit this case of alleged bid-rigging to the Justice Minister for forwarding to the Department of Special Investigation.

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The 12 ammunition factories have not been handed over due to concerns of legal repercussions. Since none of the factories have been certified by experts, officials fear potential liabilities in case of errors, resulting in no one daring to accept the job.

In addition, Atchariya revealed that the budget exceeding 200 million baht, which was used to construct the 12 ammunition factories, was originally allocated for the purchase of stun guns. The funds were, however, diverted to the construction of the factories, leading to a waste of the budget.

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