Latex leak caused car pileup in Northeast Thailand

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

Torrential rains turned three major roads in the northeastern province of Loei into perilous zones, resulting in a 20-car pileup within a 3-hour span on January 25.

The chaos unfolded when heavy rain triggered a cascade of calamities on Loei-Chiang Khan Road. The first report indicated a sprawling multi-car collision, prompting swift intervention from rescue teams. Loei-Wang Saphung Road and Loei-Na Duang Road also bore witness to over 10 accident reports each, contributing to the tally of more than 20 crashes. Among the wreckage, one severe injury was reported.

Further investigations unveiled a disconcerting annual trend plaguing this area – multi-vehicle collisions linked to trucks transporting latex, reported Pattaya News.

These heavy vehicles inadvertently leaked a milky fluid from latex-laden trees onto the roads, transforming them into treacherous terrains, especially during rainfall. Despite stringent regulations imposed on latex-carrying trucks to avert fluid spillage, a disturbing number of individuals continued to flout the law, perpetuating the cycle of danger and disaster on these rain-soaked roads.

In related news, a tragic accident occurred just a day after Children’s Day when five related children were driving a motorcycle sidecar home and crashed into an electricity pole. The oldest of the children, a 10 year old girl, lost her life. The incident took place around 9.30pm on January 14, when Thai Buddhist Charity Foundation volunteers in Kabin Buri were notified of a motorcycle sidecar accident involving a collision with a streetlight pole. The incident resulted in one fatality and three injuries.

In other news, a road accident in Trat province led to the death of one man and left a woman injured. The incident occurred when a pickup truck lost control and collided with an electricity pole, causing it to fall and overturn the vehicle. The 49 year old driver was killed, and the 22 year old passenger was injured. The accident occurred on Sukhumvit Road, heading out of Trat City, in front of the Sawang Boonchuay Rescue Foundation.

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