Gold price remains steady in Thailand

The Gold Traders Association (GTA) revealed today’s gold price remains steady and those interested should hurry to make purchases. As of today, January 10, the selling price for gold ornaments is 34,150 baht per baht weight, unchanged from the closing price yesterday, according to the latest information from the GTA’s website at 9.03am.

The price for 96.5% gold bars in Thailand is currently set at 33,550 baht per baht-weight for buying and 33,650 baht for selling, as announced in the first round of today’s pricing. The 96.5% gold ornaments are being bought at 32,942.68 baht per baht-weight and are sold at 34,150 baht. As for the world gold price (Gold Spot), it stands at $2,032.00 per ounce.

The gold prices today, announced in the first round, are as follows:

Gold Bars:

  • Buying Price: 33,550 baht per baht-weight
  • Selling Price: 33,650 baht per baht-weight

Gold Ornaments:

  • Buying Price: 32,942.68 baht per baht-weight
  • Selling Price: 34,150 baht per baht-weight, reported KhaoSod.

The GTA announced a rise in gold prices on January 5. The retail gold price experienced an increase of 50 baht compared to the closing price on January 4

The selling price of gold ornaments was 34,000 baht per baht, as reported by the news correspondent. The information, based on the data released on the GTA’s website at 9.03am revealed a surge in gold prices.

For 96.5% gold bar in Thailand, the buying price is currently 33,400 baht per baht, and the selling price is 33,500 baht per baht as per the first announcement.

The buying price for 96.5% gold ornaments was 32,806.24 baht per baht and the selling price was 34,000 baht per baht. Meanwhile, the global gold price (Gold Spot) stood at 2,046.50 US dollars per ounce.

The summary of gold prices on January 5 for the gold bar: the buying price was 33,400 baht per baht, and the selling price was 33,500 baht per baht. For gold ornaments, the buying price was 32,806.24 baht per baht, and the selling price was 34,000 baht per baht.

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