Fatal folly: Rubbernecking motorcyclist’s abrupt stop leads to tragic crash in northern Thailand

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash.

A tragic fatality occurred as a result of an unforeseen incident when a motorist abruptly braked to observe an accident scene in Lamphun, northern Thailand. The incident transpired around 7.20pm yesterday when a motorcyclist lost his life due to a six-wheeled lorry failing to come to a halt in time, colliding with the back of the motorcycle.

The initial accident involved a collision between a motorcycle and an 18-wheeler truck on the Chiang Mai-Lampang Superhighway, as reported by Khaosod. Following the initial crash, rescue teams from Lamphun Tunnel swiftly arrived at the scene, tending to a single casualty who had experienced chest pains due to the initial accident. The injured individual received immediate emergency medical treatment and was then transported to a local hospital in Lamphun.

Meanwhile, traffic control was in progress, with highway police and private emergency medical services managing the situation. As the events unfolded, a second motorcyclist approached the accident scene, decelerating to witness the situation. Despite signals from officials to continue moving, the motorcyclist abruptly came to a halt. Unfortunately, a six-wheeler truck trailing closely behind was unable to brake in time, resulting in a collision with the motorcycle. The force of the impact ejected the motorcyclist from his vehicle, leading to severe injuries.

Promptly, medical personnel from Hariphunchai Hospital were dispatched to the location. Following a thorough examination, they regrettably confirmed the man’s demise. The deceased, a resident of Mae Thuen in Lamphun who was employed at a nearby industrial estate, had his body transferred to the forensic department at Lamphun Hospital for further investigation.

Rescue officials took this tragic incident as an opportunity to issue a stern warning to motorists and motorcyclists. They advised against sudden stops or slowing down to observe or capture photos of accident scenes.

In related news, a drug suspect fleeing from the police caused an accident in Chon Buri last week. This incident resulted in five injuries, including two police officers and a resident. Find out more here!

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