Drug suspect’s escape attempt causes crash, leaving five injured in Chon Buri

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A drug suspect fleeing from police caused a traffic accident that resulted in five injuries, including two police officers and a resident. Found in possession of 100 methamphetamine pills and two bags of crystal meth, the suspect was eventually apprehended. The incident occurred yesterday on the Chon Buri-Ban Bueng road.

At 9.30pm, the Chon Buri City Police received a report from patrol officers about an arrest of a man transporting illegal drugs on a motorbike. The suspect, identified as 39 year old Phakaphum, sought to evade capture and consequently met with an accident. The crash involved two police officers, the suspect, and a resident, all of whom suffered injuries. The total count of the injured was five.

The scene of the incident was the entrance of the Soi Maerimari, Moo 5, Ban Suan, Mueang District, Chonburi Province. Upon inspection, the officers found the injured officers, Supachai Jam Sawang and Natthaphong Chumongkhon, both from the Crime Prevention Unit of Chon Buri City Police. They had minor injuries scattered across their bodies. Phakaphum also had similar injuries and was found with 100 methamphetamine pills and two bags of crystal meth.

Three motorbikes were found at the accident site: One belonging to the patrol officers, one to Phakaphum, and one to a resident. The injured were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Natthaphong shared that Phakaphum had initially stopped his bike at the red light at the Ban Bueng bypass intersection. On spotting the police, he panicked and sped off, crossing the red light.

Officer Natthaphong pursued the suspect, catching up to him at Soi Wat Chomphu Kaew. Phakaphum then braked abruptly, causing Officer Natthaphum to crash into him and fall off his bike.

Undeterred, the officer continued the pursuit until they emerged from Soi Maerimari to the entrance of the road. Here, Phakaphum braked again, leading to a second collision and fall. Unable to escape further, Phakaphum crashed into a resident’s vehicle and was finally captured.

Phakaphum initially admitted that the drugs belonged to him. The police took him into custody for further investigation and to press charges by the law, reported Bangkok Post.

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