Laem Phromthep’s sunset threatened by caterpillars (video)

Picture of the iconic palm trees on Laem Phromthep courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Laem Phromthep, a popular sunset viewpoint in Phuket known for its iconic Palmyra palm trees, is under threat due to an infestation of black-headed caterpillars. The local governor, Sophon Suwannarat, observed this alarming situation during a recent visit to the cape. He attributed the sudden surge in the caterpillar population to the uncharacteristically prolonged dry spell in the past few months.

If no action is taken to curb the caterpillar spread, the palm trees could potentially die out, significantly altering the picturesque landscape of Laem Phromthep, warned the governor.

The head of Phuket’s agriculture office, Jarassri Khampeesing, detailed the damage caused by these pests. The caterpillars attack the palm leaves, causing them to turn brown and wilt. To eradicate the issue, the affected leaves need to be burnt. However, transporting them elsewhere for disposal could risk spreading the caterpillars to other areas.

Khampeesing suggested an alternative solution involving the introduction of Habrobracon hebetors, tiny wasps known for their ability to control pest populations. Using pesticides is another viable option.

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Rawai municipality’s mayor, Arun Solas, highlighted the importance of the palmyra palm trees in the Laem Phromthep landscape. These trees have long attracted visitors to the area, contributing significantly to its appeal. Solas assured that funds have been allocated to eliminate the caterpillar infestation and prevent future attacks on the cape’s trees, reported Bangkok Post.

In related environmental news, the Committee on Land, Natural Resources and Environment from the House of Representatives yesterday landed in Phuket to conduct a study tour and resolve land disputes.

The visit, led by the committee chairman, Apichart Sirisunthon, who also holds the position of Secretary-General of the Move Forward Party (MFP), sought to address the local land disputes and wastewater issues. Numerous complaints received by the committee informed the initiative.

Apichart Sirisunthon and his delegation convened a meeting at the Phuket Provincial Hall, under the helm of Phuket Governor Suwan Suwannarat. The gathering, attended by high-ranking Phuket officials and several public members, was an opportunity to voice feedback and suggestions.

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