Kenyan man claiming to be Jesus flees from crucifixion test

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A Kenyan man fled after villagers demanded a test of his claim to be Jesus Christ by suggesting he be crucified.

Eliud Simiyu’s proclamation led to a viral social media frenzy, with the international media outlet Fatu Network reporting on the controversy that has now ensnared the small Kenyan town.

Simiyu found himself at the centre of a potentially life-threatening controversy in Kenya after he asserted that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. His extreme claims, often shared with zealous conviction, caught the attention of the local community and beyond, particularly when images from Nairobi Gossip Club began circulating online.

It wasn’t long before reports emerged of Simiyu seeking refuge at the nearest police station upon hearing that some villagers were keen to put his miracle-working abilities to the test by nailing him to a cross during the Easter celebrations.

The tension in the town escalated to such an extent that Simiyu decided to flee to the police for his immediate safety, fearing a grim fate. His followers, meanwhile, gathered in solidarity, adamant about his authenticity and prophesying a resurrection on the third day. However, the townspeople remained sceptical, viewing him as a charlatan and a societal threat.

In an interview with local news, Simiyu refuted the allegations.

“I am not a con artist. I am the real Jesus Christ and I am here to save the world.”

This declaration has sparked a mixture of criticism and mockery online, with netizens humorously questioning whether the Kenyan “Jesus” would turn water into tea or be served tea and toast during crucifixion. One comment noted that if Simiyu was indeed Jesus, he should not fear the crucifixion as it would merely be a test of faith.

Previously, on May 10 last year, Simiyu was arrested on charges of leading a religious cult in Tongaren, teaching extreme ideologies to his followers, some of whom were minors, and engaging in and promoting money laundering activities. He was later released due to insufficient evidence, reported KhaoSod.

The situation remains to be seen whether Simiyu can convince the local villagers of his divine powers and avoid a painful ordeal on the cross.

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