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    Taiwanese teacher recounts harassment during Kenyan trip

    A 22 year old Taiwanese voluntary teacher faced harassment during her solo trip to a rural village in Kenya. Despite being beloved by her local primary school students, the teacher, Gigi, became a target for some local men who tracked and intimidated her with lewd remarks. More shockingly, one man kissed her while posing for a photo. In an interview…

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    Kenyan mass graves prompt calls to regulate religious cults

    Kenyan self-styled pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge sparked shock and outrage in the country after leading his followers into the forest near the coastal town of Malindi, allegedly convincing them to starve to death to meet God. The Good News International Church closed in 2019 after Nthenge claimed that Jesus told him his work had come to an end. However, authorities…

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    47 dead bodies discovered in wake of the cult tragedy in Kenya

    Kenyan police announced yesterday that they had discovered an additional 26 dead bodies in eastern Kenya. This new revelation brings the number of deceased individuals linked to the Good News International Church cult up to a staggering 47. Investigators wearing white coveralls and masks are currently on-site carrying out further excavations in Malindi, searching for more potential remains. Several bodies…