Karen tribe woman gives birth at Tak province border patrol checkpoint

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod.

A pregnant woman from the Karen tribe gave birth at a border patrol checkpoint in Tak province, as she was unable to reach a hospital in time due to the remote location of her home. The birth, which took place today, at 7am, was overseen by a team of rangers from the 35th Border Patrol unit and health officers from the Nong Bua Health Promoting Hospital.

The 29 year old woman, Rachana Witthayasri, was in labour in a pick-up truck driven by her 42 year old husband, Pasopon Kosonwichai, when they arrived at the checkpoint manned by the 35th ranger unit. The couple’s home in Mae Wa Luang Village, Tha Song Yang District, is more than 80 kilometres away from the nearest hospital.

The rangers quickly discovered that the baby’s head was already in the birth canal. A team of border patrol medics were immediately on hand to assist with the delivery, and health officers from the local health centre were called to help. In a short time, the team successfully delivered a healthy baby boy, weighing just over 2 kilogrammes, on the truck.

The mother, a first-time parent, was exhausted but in good health after the journey and the emergency birth. Both mother and son were reported to be in good condition. The father was relieved that his wife and son were safe, expressing gratitude to the rangers and health officers for their assistance.

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Following the event, the mother and newborn were transported to Tha Song Yang District Hospital for further check-ups. The father recounted his frantic one-hour drive down steep hills to reach the checkpoint, and how his wife was unable to hold back any longer and had to give birth in the car. He praised the prompt response of the rangers and health officers who ensured a safe birth, reported KhaoSod.

The unexpected incident drew a crowd of local villagers who came to watch the rare scene of an emergency birth. Many seized the opportunity to buy lottery tickets, using the truck’s licence plate number, hoping that the unusual event would bring them luck.

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