Thai teacher accused of assaulting student, mother demands justice in Thailand

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A shocking incident unfolded in the district of Phran Kratai, Kamphaeng Phet, as a secondary school teacher was accused of physically assaulting a 13 year old student. The incident, captured in a 20-second video clip, was brought to the attention of the media by the 44 year old victim’s mother, Sathip.

The video reveals the teacher, identified only by his first name Boran, approaching the student from behind during a self-study session, grabbing him by the neck, and forcefully pulling the chair from under him, resulting in the student falling onto the floor.

Following the incident, the student confronts the teacher questioning his actions, to which the teacher responds that the student was not doing his work. Despite the student insisting that he was working, the teacher instructs him to work at his desk instead.

Prompted by a female classmate, the student leaves the classroom to calm down.

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After the incident, student A, the victim, informed his mother, who, after viewing the video clip, rushed to the school to confront the teacher and the school administration.

Sathip, accompanied by her 26 year old daughter, confronted the teacher about his actions and the harm caused to her son.

Video clip

The teacher, however, denied the allegations until shown the video clip, after which he remained silent. The teacher summoned four female students from the same class to testify that he had repeatedly warned student A to work but the student had not obeyed, leading to the incident. He also stated that he had no intention of causing harm.

Unconvinced by the teacher’s and the female students’ testimonies, Sathip decided to take her son for a medical check-up and filed a report with the local police station.

Sathip revealed that she had discussed the incident with her family and relatives and decided to pursue the matter for justice, fearing that such incidents could happen to other students. The video clip of the incident has been widely shared on social media, sparking a debate about the teacher’s actions.

Sathip said that while at home, her son called to inform her that his teacher assaulted him. She was shocked to see the video clip and questioned why the teacher had to resort to such violence.

She took her son for a medical examination and filed a police report fearing that her son might not be treated fairly. Sathip has yet to receive an apology from the teacher.

Student A stated that he was working on an assignment during the session when the teacher approached him from behind and pulled him off his chair.

He asked the teacher why he did that, to which the teacher responded by telling him to leave the room. Student A said he was surprised by the teacher’s violent behaviour, as he had never had a conflict with him before.

Since the incident, he has been experiencing pain from his neck to his head. He sought justice and questioned how the teacher would take responsibility if the incident had caused a more severe injury.

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